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NZ's 10 Great Walks


1  Tongariro Northern Circuit

This Great Walk is unlike any other being a loop around Mt Ngauruhoe with the highest elevation, most open views and the only walk offering rich palette of contrasting colours of a volcanic plateau.


This loop track can be hiked in either direction and the Great Walk season is open for bookings for the warmer months. The trail is above the bushline and climbs up to nearly 2,000 metres on the 3-4 day loop.  More ...


2 Whanganui Journey

A Great Walk that is actually a paddle, along the country's longest navigable river that squeezes through steep sided gorges, flows around winding forest clad bends and offers scenic and cultural wonders.


This journey has a shorter 3 day or a longer 5 day option. This journey's season is open for bookings for the warmer months. There are a few rapids to negotiate on some sections of this multi-day trip.  More ...


3 Lake Waikaremoana

Head out east to the North Island's largest tract of rainforest wilderness of Te Urewera; a remote walk through cloud forest, past waterfalls and a track that is never is far from the lake's edge.


This is a semi-circular hike that can be walked in either direction at any time of the year. There is one significant hill climb. Along the track here is several huts and campsites on the 3-4 day journey.  More ...


4 Abel Tasman Coast Track

Walk along the shoreline of some of the most gorgeous golden sandy beaches our country has to offer, throw in a mild climate for swimming and it becomes clear why this gentle coastal forest track is the most popular Great Walk.

This one way, multiple direction, all year track follows along the coastline.  There are several huts and a multitude of campsites scattered along the way with plenty of options to walk, kayak or water taxi track sections.  More ...


5 Heaphy Track

Walk in the footsteps of early Maori pounamu collectors and European gold prospectors through a varied landscape of lush rainforest river valleys, tussocky downs and past coastal nikau palms.

The longest Great Walks can be hiked in either direction, is one-way, and is open for bookings all year. To return to the trailhead is a long vehicle trip or short flight. There are plenty of huts scattered up, down and along the Gouland Downs. More ...


6 Paparoa Track

The newest Great Walk crosses the Paparoa Range including a long traverse of the sub-alpine tops, skirting limestone karst formations and entering lush rainforest that overhangs idyllic river swimming holes.


The track is walked in either direction and the booking season is open all year.  There are several huts on top of the range and ridges.

More ...


7 Milford Track

The oldest, the original and the best known Great Walk is a historic route up glacier carved valleys that are cloaked in ancient rainforest with grand waterfalls that seem to cascade from the heavens before a descend to Milford Sound.

Book your hut as early as the booking season opens, as this popular one direction track requires hikers to only walk one section per day and the entry and exit requires a boat trip and vehicle return.

More ...


8 Routeburn Track

A favourite of many trampers is this epic crossing of the Humboldt Mountains that starts in the rainforest before scaling the ice sculptured range passing alpine tarns and craggy tops before descending into the wilds.


This one-way track is walked in either direction and the booking season is open for the warmer months.  ​ More ...


9 Kepler Track

The most accessible Great Walk loop starts on the doorstep of Te Anau before the rising out of the forested basin of the lake or river valley for a grand traverse of the sub-alpine tops.


This loop track can be walked in any direction and the booking system opens for the warmer months. There are several huts and campsites along the way.  More ...


10 Rakiura Track

Escape to the shortest Great Walk and experience a peaceful walk along the shoreline and meandering inlet coves that includes an interior crossing in the rainforests of the Rakiura National Park, Stewart Island.


This semi-circular track can be walked in either direction and the booking season is open all year.  The track is over gentle terrain with huts and campsites scattered along the trail. More ...

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